A new year, a new chapter

With the start of the new year, we started a new chapter of our brewing adventure!
We officially started a business and are busy arranging everything to start brewing.

First of all, we looking for brewing equipment that will work for us! We were looking for something small, something with which we could brew a couple of hundred litres in one day. We don’t need anything fancy, as we are still young and want to experiment as much as possible! In the end, we ordered brewing kettles with which we can brew up to 150 litres in one batch, in this way, we can comfortably brew 250 litres of wort in one day.

Next, we need a location for our brewery! It happens to be that Sibren has a large shipping container in his backyard which was currently used for storage. A part of this container can be used as our brewery. In order to do so, we had to renovate the container to divide it up into two places (Sibren also needs a garden shed).

We started by placing drywall in the container to divide the space. Afterwards, we removed all the stuff. In this way, we had space on the floor to draw with crayons where everything should come and we could decide on a layout for the brewery.

Now, we could decide where to install the most important piece of equipment for the brewery, the drainage. When you brew, you have to clean a lot, so a good drainage hole in the floor is essential to have a productive brewday. In order to do so, Tom cut a hole in the floor and removed some underlying steel to make place for a plastic box. This box will be fitted with a dirty water pump to pump all our water away.

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